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  • CE VanityBag AvocadoOilDuo

    Avocado Oil Duo


    $18.00 Buy
  • CE_DailyShampoo

    Daily Shampoo

    Sulfate Free 

    $10.00 Buy
  • CE_Kick_Brass_BeautyBox

    Frosty – “Kick Brass” Beauty Box

    All that a Hair Lover Needs  

    $78.00 Buy
  • CE VanityBag OnTheGo

    On The Go!


    $19.00 Buy
  • CE_PearlShampoo

    Pearl Shampoo

    Clarifying Shampoo 

    $7.00 Buy
  • CE_Get_The_Look_BeautyBox

    Waves – “Get the Look” Beauty Box

    Everything a Girl on the Go Needs 

    $86.00 $50.00 Buy
  • ce_tapestry_dryshampoo


    Dry Shampoo  

    $20.00 Buy
  • ce_frosty_shasmpoo

    Frosty Silver Shampoo

    Purple Shampoo  

    $20.00 Buy